Backyard or Basement Bootcamp
A private training class for you and your friends. Get fit and lose fat in the convenience of your basement, backyard or neighborhood park. If you coordinate the class, you will receive a $100 training gift card. You provide the location and Michelle will provide the equipment and expertise. The following prices are per person and based on a 60 minute class. Shorter class times are available.

  • Minimum group size of 4
  • Discount pricing for groups of 6 participants or more

Personal Fitness Training

All training is done in your home, office, or on location. Sessions are 60 minutes. All training rates are for locations in the State College area. Training sessions conducted outside a 20 mile radius of the State College, PA area will incur a mileage fee relative to distance traveled.

  • Individual Fitness Training = $90  per session
  • Partner (2 people) =  $75 per person
  • Three Participants = $60 per person
  • Four Participants = $45 per person
  • Five Participants = $30 per person
  • 30 minute sessions are available. Contact Michelle for more information.

Personal Fitness Training Packages:

“Let’s Get it Started” Package

This introductory package includes a Fitness Assessment and 2 Training sessions. This package is a great way to kick-off your own fitness program.

$250 (save $20)

“The Real Deal” Package

This 8 week package is for the person who is serious about getting results. FREE Initial and Follow-Up Assessment included.

  • 24 sessions (3 days per week) $85 per session = $120 savings
  • 16 sessions (2 days per week) $85 per session  = $80 savings

“Emergency” Package

Have an immediate need to fit into a suit or dress? This package is designed for the class reunion attendee, the bride-to-be or wedding crasher, the spring breaker or the postpartum mom who refuses to wear another pair of elastic waist pants!

  • 12 sessions $85 per session = $60 savings


Gift Certificates

Give a gift for the health of it! The perfect gift for anyone who wants to get in shape and be healthy. A personal training gift certificate provides the opportunity for education, motivation, goal-setting, and results.

  • A professionally printed gift card is included free of charge with any purchase.
  • Gift certificates can be for any denomination



Online fitness is prescribed by Michelle through the app Trainerize. Safe and effective programs are uniquely designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

  • $100 for the initial consultation and program design
  • $50 per week


Body Composition

A skin-fold caliper measurement of your lean body mass and body fat as well as overall body circumference measurements.

  • $55


Fitness Assessment

Requires 2 visits. An overall evaluation of your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition is done on the first visit. A discussion of the results and goal setting with the development of an exercise prescription is done on the second visit. This second visit can be combined with training. Follow-up assessments also require 2 visits and are usually done 6 – 8 weeks after the initial assessment.

  • Initial Assessment $100
  • Initial Assessment with Training $175
  • Follow-Up Assessment $75
  • Follow-Up Assessment with Training $150

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